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The First Week

Exactly one week ago I packed my life into four bags and got on a train bound for New York City. Four days before that, I got an interview with a fashion PR agency hours after applying. As I packed and even rode the train, disbelief and doubts filled my thoughts. I looked out of my window seat in the "Quiet Car" and saw a boat named "Good Idea." In this fleeting moment, I decided to accept it as exactly the sign I needed.

Getting off the train it became very real my new life was beginning. It was also very real that the only way I was getting my two suitcases, backpack and Longchamp up to my brother's apartment was with his help. Luckily someone was able to help me on and off the train and I realized shortly I would be in helpful hands, I just had to get from the platform to the station. I saw the escalator and immediately recognized it would soon deliver me to the promised land. I pushed the first bag on the escalator and began to drag my heavier bag behind me, which never made it on the stair. My over 50 pound bag promptly fell onto the man behind me carrying all his art supplies in his hand, then forcing his suitcase to fall on the man behind him. I reached the top full of apologies, embarrassment, and relief that I had already made my first mistake.

Moving to New York filled me with anxiety, bewildered excitement, uncertainty, and fear of failure. Seeing my suitcase fall down the station escalator, I recognized one of my worst case scenarios. It became evidently clear to me that this experience will put me in some of my worst and best case scenarios and will undeniably change my life. While taking my first trip to the Met to see the Camp Exhibit, I found out that next week I will start work at an agency that works with some of the top companies in fashion. This moment went down under the best case scenario category in life. I will make mistakes and find myself in situations that could only happen to me. I will adapt and learn the best ways to succeed. These experiences will challenge, intimidate, and excite me and be the story behind some of my worst and best days.

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